Genhe Wetland in Hulunbuir City

Genhe Wetland

Genhe Wetland has an area of 126,000 hectare , the largest wetland in Asia, about 3km to the west of Ergun City. Genhe Wetland is scattered around the forest and the grassland with many types including marshes, shrub swamps, swamp forest, open bogs and moss.  Genhe Wetland is on the plain delta formed by Erguna River and other three alpine rivers including Genhe River, Deerbugan River and Hawuer River.

Introduction of Genhe Wetland

Erguna Wetland is the most protected and largest wetland in China, which is known as “the first wetland in Asia”. The blue sky, the white and flawless clouds, the meandering clear Erguna River, the lush green bushes and the endless grassland constitute a magnificent picture of heaven and earth. Wandering in the Erguna Wetland, time passes so slowly, as if the landscape between heaven and earth is fixed at this moment, time passes so fast that it can’t be appreciated carefully.

Erguna Wetland is a tributary of the Erguna River. The River named Gen River is the most intact and largest wetland in China. In Erguna, it is known as Asia’s largest wetland, also known as the Genhe wetland, which is arbitrarily winding and elegant. This wetland is the most beautiful river valley wetland in China, with clear Root River flowing quietly, meadows surrounded by meadows, bushes growing on the bank, green flowers and grass swaying on the wetland, and birch forests stretching in succession; it is a far away, into the nature of the pure land, a once vigorous, and then returned to the silent holy land.

Best Time to Visit 

The best time to shoot at Genhe Wetland is June when colorful flowers are blossoming under the azure sky and white clouds. August and September are also good time to shoot when the wetland is often shrouded in the mist with morning sun shines, a charming wonderland. Late September is the ideal time to have a great shot of the autumn hues of the wetland with trees turned into yellow and red, a eye- popping fairyland.

How to get there

  • Self-drive
    The distance between Hailar to Erguna: 250km. First, drive along the national highway no.SC201, then drive along the National Highway No.SC301.
  • Long-distance buses
    Every day, there are several long-distance buses running between Hailar and Genhe City. When you get to Genhe City, you take the local taxi or bus to Genhe Wetland
  • Trains
    Hailar – Genhe trains, then change bus for Genhe Wetland.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐