Dalate Pass Yellow River in Erdos City


Dalate is located in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the South Bank of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the north end of the Ordos Plateau, facing Baotou in the north, which is the north gate of Erdos City. The total population of the whole City is 360000. There are 20 ethnic minorities such as Mongolia, Tibet, Manchu, Hui and Zhuang. It is a multi-ethnic area with Mongolian as the main body and Han as the majority. It has a pleasant climate and rich tourism resources. There are famous tourist attractions such as Xiangshawan, Engebei, Zhaojun tomb, Wang aizhao, etc.

The Yellow River

The Yellow River is the sixth longest river in the world and the second longest river in China (only after the Yangtze River), with a total length of 5464 km and a catchment area of 742443 km2. Originating in the Tibetan Plateau, the Yellow River washes away large amount of silt after passing through the Loess Plateau and becomes the most sediment-laden river in the world. The Yellow River is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization, and is thus called “Mother River” by Chinese people.

Dalate Pass Yellow River

Zhandanzhaosumu(展旦召苏木) is the only minority inhabited area in Dalat. It is located in the modern agricultural and animal husbandry economic development zone along the Yellow River alluvial plain, which is very conducive to vegetable cultivation.


Swans fly over wetlands along the Yellow River in Dalate, Erdos, Inner Mongolia With the warm weather and the melting of ice and snow, the swans in the wetland along the Yellow River in Dalate County, Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, become a beautiful scenery in early spring.

Yellow River carp

Erdos Yellow River carp is a special product of Dalate, Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The farmers near the riverside in these places have the habit of eating the Yellow River carp. The Yellow River carp once served as a tribute to the imperial court in history. So far, Yellow River carp is famous for its tender meat, rich nutrition and delicious taste. Common carp has certain curative effect on liver, eye, kidney, spleen and other diseases.

How to Get There

  • By Air: There is  an Airport called Erdos ejinholo International Airport
    By Train: Darat West Train station 

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