Penha Hill in Macau

Penha Hill

Penha Hill is the third highest hill in Macau Peninsula, standing 62.7 meters high above sea level. The hill faces the inner harbour in the west, looks at the Guia Hill, the highest hill of Macau, across the South Bay in the northeast and connects A-Ma Hill in the south; besides, the famous hundred years old A-Ma Temple is just seated on its southwestern submontane area. On the mountain slopes, many pieces of granite are found with inscriptions given by celebrities and scholars; on the hill top are the Penha Church which was built in 1622 and the mansion house of Macau’s Catholicism just constructed aside in 1935. Forts, buildings, residences of the Penha hill are wonderful sights.

History of Penha Hill

Known as the Bishop´s Hill in the annals of colonial history, this leader amongst the popular destinations in Macau is identical with the city’s colonial clout and authority. Penha Hill is one example of this presence, namely the Augustinian missionaries, who came mainly from Spain and Portugal. The landscaped environment on top of a hill—which is 62.7 meters above sea level—contains a church named after Our Lady of Penha, which is also from where the hill got its designation.

How to get to Penha Hill

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Independent Traveler

Take bus No.6, 9, 16, 28B and get off at the station of A-Ma Temple

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There are some market hotels and restaurants around Penha Hill. You can sit in the open air cafes there and enjoy the grand view of harbor and hills in Macau and pamper yourself with best of Macanese cuisines.

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