Zhengbeilou Tower of Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing

Zhengbeilou Tower of Jiankou Great Wall

Zhengbeilou Tower looks down on the rugged Jiankou section of the Wall to the west and toward Mutianyu in the east. At 991 meters, Zhengbeikou Tower is a spectacular sight and most photographed spot to enjoy the amazing views.

How to Get to Zhengbeilou Tower of Jiankou Great Wall?

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Public transportation to Xizhazi village from Dongzhimen transportation hub in downtown Beijing is available, but it requires a transfer and some walking, and takes a longer time.

Useful Travel Tips

The Wall on the steep hilltops leading east toward the Zhengbeilou tower is impassable without rock-climbing equipment, and we do not advise you to go further.

It is not the perfect season to hike and trek on a stone wall, perched on a mountain during the winter. Since the views are crystal clear and the location deserted, the chill is just about worth suffering for.

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