The Rock Carvings in Altay Mountains

Why is The Rock Carvings So Special?

The rock earnings are mostly engraved in hillsides facing the sun where have a lush growth of trees and grass.” motives of them are animals and others like figures, carts and scenes of sexual intercourse, showing people the various habitations from 4000 years ago to the 11th century A.D.

Main Attraction of The Rock Carvings

There are over 70 localities of rock carvings found in Altay Mountains; among them are Dorat and Chaoerhe in Altay City, the Reservoir in Qinghe County, Burat and Xuyongchale in Fuyung County, Kuxugen in Burqin County, Jartaskone in Habahe County and Tatkishkiones in Jeminay County, etc.

Best Time to Travel The Rock Carvings

Every autumn, that is, August and September, is the best time to visit Altay.

At this time, the weather began to cool and the fruits began to mature. This is a very suitable time to travel. At this time, most scenic spots began to hang attractive gold. Let’s travel in the golden ocean. The natural scenery around Altay is very beautiful. In our spare time , we take our family to Altay to play, eat delicious fruits and enjoy different local conditions and customs. I believe this is a very beautiful moment and a very happy memory.

How to Get There

  • It is suggested to drive there by oneself. Please consult the staff for more information.

Useful Travel Tips

  • The morning light in summer in Xinjiang is earlier, it is about 6:30 in the morning in the plain area and it will light up at about 7:00 in the mountain area, but breakfast in Xinjiang hotels usually starts at 8:30, lunch time is 13: 00-14: 30, dinner time is about 19: 30-20: 30, and the sun will not set until 22:30 in the evening, so pay attention to adjust the time difference when traveling to Xinjiang.
  • Xinjiang has a large number of halal meals, mainly beef and mutton. Cities also have Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong and other local restaurants with national characteristics. In remote areas and scenic spots, halal meals are the main food. Pasta is the main staple food in Xinjiang, but rice is the main food for group meals. Sheep meat is the main meat in Xinjiang, and the smell of mutton is very small, which is acceptable to the general public.

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