Mongolia Chess Square in Hohhot

Why is Mongolia Chess So Special?

Mongolian chess is the most representative traditional sports event formed by Mongolian in the long-term war and nomadic life, and it is also a symbol of national wisdom. Each chess piece has its unique form of expression, which not only reflects the Mongolian carving technology, but also shows the Mongolian aesthetic orientation, which has left a deep impression on many foreign tourists.

Mongolia Chess Square

Mongolian Chess Square is located at the south end of the axis of Genghis Khan square in Kangbashi New District, covering an area of 50000 square meters. It was completed in July 2011, and placed 32 Mongolian chess sculptures cast in bronze.

The design of the square originates from the world-famous Mongolian chess. According to the creative association of Mongolian chess, the square has placed various Mongolian chess sculptures, majestic horse sculptures and watching elephant sculptures on the top of the existing ventilation and lighting openings of the civil air defense project. These different shapes of chess are distributed around the square, and the viewing platform is set at the central node of the square For tourists.

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Tianjiao North Road → Tianjiao South Road → Dongkang Expressway → Tianjiao road → Ordos street → wurendu West Road → Kangbashi.

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