Ngari Climate

Ngari Prefecture (coordinates: 78°23′40″~86°11′51″ E, 29°40′40″~35°42′55″N) is located  in the westmost of Tibet Autonomous Region with an altitude of 4,500m. Due to its high altitude and wind region, Ngari features in frequent strong winds and low precipitation. However, seasonal rain is concentrated from early July to September that the rainfalls are about 80% of annual precipitation. The temperature varies greatly during a day. It can be over 20℃ in the daytime of summer, then drops to below 0℃ at night. The temperature difference during a year is slight. It is the coldest area in Tibet with an annual average temperature of 0℃. There is high ultraviolet radiationthin and dry air all the time. 

Best Time to Visit Ngari

Allowing for the weather and road conditions, May, June, and the period from mid-Sepertember to early October are probably the best time to go to Ngari when the climate is mild and warm. During the period from late October to early April next year, Drolma-la on the Mt Kaliash Kora is normally blocked with heavy snow. Some roads are extremely muddy, which is quite difficult for driving.

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