Ngari Accommodation

Where to Stay

With the development of tourism, the accommodation in Ngari improves a lot but accommodation in Ali, Tibet, is not satisfactory except for Shiquanhe Town, there are basically no bathing facilities in the hotels in Ali. Most of them are guesthouses. Bathrooms are rarely available in these hostels. The better hotels can not be easily booked, so you’d better book it in advance. Here are some hotels for your reference.

1. Name: Tibet Ngari Grand Hotel(西藏阿里大酒店)
Tel: (0897)2666666
Add: East Shiquanhe Road, Gar County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河东路)

2. Name: Ngari Burang County Yingbin Hotel(阿里普兰县迎宾馆)
Tel: 18889071059
Add: No. 1, Yingbin Road, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区普兰县迎宾路1号)

3. Name: Huahui Yintai Hotel(华辉银泰酒店)
Tel: (0897)2666222
Add: South Binhe Road, Shiquanhe Town, Gar County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河镇滨河南路)

4. Name: Ngari Burang Ecological Garden Grand Hotel(阿里普兰生态园大酒店)
Tel: 13618974857
Add: Peacock Riverside Park, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区普兰县孔雀河畔公园)

5. Name: Ngari Yinhe Grand Hotel(阿里银河大酒店)
Tel: (0897)2828888
Add: No. 4, South Beijing Road, Shiquanhe Town, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河镇北京南路4号)

6. Name: Ngari Gêrzê County Grand Hotel(阿里改则县大酒店)
Tel: 18202871762
Add: Xianqian Road, Gêrzê County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区改则县先遣路)

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