Zhongdong Miao village in Ziyun County, Anshun

Zhongdong Miao village

Zhongdong Miao village is located in Ziyun County, Guizhou Province, about 30 kilometers away from Ziyun county and 161 kilometers away from Guiyang. Zhongdong Miao village is named as “the last cave tribe in China”. In this cave, which is more than 100 meters wide and more than 200 meters deep, there are 18 families of Miao nationality, the last cave tribe in China, with a total of 73 people.

History of Zhongdong Miao village

According to the old man living in the cave, “tribe” is a family who escaped from bandits at the beginning of liberation. Later, it was peaceful. The local government had persuaded the residents to move out, but they still felt that life in the cave was good, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Folk Culture of Zhongdong Miao village

People in the Miao village of Zhongdong spin and weave their own cloth. They go to the market 15 kilometers away every week to buy some oil, salt and other daily necessities. They farm, herd cattle or raise pigs at home for the rest of the day. In rural leisure time, men drink local wine around the campfire, while women gather to chat. Life in the cave is simple, hard and beautiful. Although poor, the Miao family in the cave is content with this.

How to Get to Zhongdong Miao village?

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Independent Travel

From Anshun by car to Ziyun, from ziyunbao by minibus to Shuitang Town, a branch road called parcel of land. After getting off, walk along the northwest direction from a side road, and you can get to the middle cave in 2.5 hours. Ask more villagers on the way in case you get lost.

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