Tomb of Luo Bingwang in Yiwu

Tomb of Luo Bingwang

Luo Binwang Tomb is located in the Fengtang Village, 15 kilometers from Yiwu city of Zhejiang province, which was built in the Ming Dynasty. Luo Binwang Park is a historic and cultural park built to commemorate Luo Binwang (B.C.627 – B.C.684), one of the most outstanding poets of Tang Dynasty, as well as the only place of interest in Yiwu County that has been authorized by Chinese Government.

Luo Bingwang

Luo Binwang was a Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. When he was ten, his father attained an official position and the whole family left Yiwu to Henan where Luo received stricter education. His family was from Wuzhou, modern Yiwu, Zhejiang. Luo is grouped with Lu Zhaolin, Wang Bo, and Yang Jiong as the Four Paragons of the Early Tang, the most outstanding poets of their time. One of his famous poems “Ode to the Goose,” he wrote at the age of only seven.

Main Attractions of Tomb of Luo Bingwang

The whole tomb area is built along the experience of Luo Binwang with natural hill and water. It consists of 6 scenic spots, such as Jinjie Xuhuai Natural Park, Yong’e Scenic Zone, Fengxiao Shuihan Lake, Cloudy House and Yunlin Lodging. The tomb today was restored in 1989. Facing west, the body of the tomb is hemispherical, whilst the tomb passage is orbicular. In front of the tomb, there is a gateway-form memorial stele with four posts. Flourishingly evergreen pines and cypresses grow surrounding the tomb.

How to Get to Tomb of Luo Bingwang?

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Walk 400m from Yiwu Railway Station to bus station, then take No.805 road to Power Plant, then walk 550m to luobinwang Park.

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