Qiao Family’s Compound in Shanxi

Qiao Family’s Compound

Qiao Family Compound also known as Zai Zhong Tang, which is located in Qi County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, and is 42 km away from Pingyao Ancient City. It is a residential compound of courtyard houses, the compound consists of 313 rooms within 6 large courtyards and 19 smaller courtyards, covering 9000 square meters, whose owner Qiao Zhiyong was a famous financier of Qing Dynasty.

Why is Qiao Family’s Compound so special?

The Qiao Family Compound is considered the most famous and popular Shanxi Grand Compound in the province of Shanxi. With Chinese classical architectural designs and exquisite decorations, it is representative of Chinese northern folk residences. This family compound shows not only the fortune and prosperity of the Qiao family, but also the folk customs and culture of Shanxi Province in the period.

Owner of Qiao Family’s Compound

Qiao Zhiyong was an astute businessman. When he was head of the family, the Qiao clan controlled over 200 shops located throughout the country, including a number of prototype banks, pawnshops, teahouses, and granaries. As one representative of famous Jin Merchants in that historical period, Qiao Zhiyong is the epitome of Jin Merchants, who refer to the businessmen of Shanxi province in Ming and Qing dynasty.

Main Attractions of Qiao Family’s Compound

Qiao Family’s Compound opened to public in 1986. It displayed the history of the Qiao, the treasure of the Qiao, the custom of business, the custom of ritual, the folk crafts and the custom of agriculture with 6 themes. Also more than 5,000 precious relics are exhibited here, including the Qiao’s four most precious crafts: Nine-dragon Screen (九龙屏风), Nine-dragon chandelier (九龙灯)、Wanrenqiu (万人球) and Xiniuwangyue Mirror (犀牛望月镜).

How to get to Qiao Family’s Compound

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Independent Traveler

  • Take a long-distance bus in Pingyao Long-distance Bus Station. Get off at the stop of Qiao Family Compound.
  • Take a train in either Taiyuan Railway Station or Taiyuan South Railway Station. Get off at Qi County.The duration is about half an hour to one and a half. Arriving at Qi County Railway Station, you can take bus No. 11 or a taxi directly to the attraction.
  • Take a long-distance bus in Taiyuan Jiannan Long-distance Bus Station. Get off at Qiaojiabao Village, Qi County.

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