Qujing Transportation

Qujing is a significant industry city in Yunnan and its transportation is relatively developed compared to other cities in Yunnan except for Kunming. You can get there by different ways. There are planes, long-distance buses, trains, taxis, buses and minibus for people to get out and around. 

How to Get in Qujing

By Air

There are no through flights to Qujing. However, there is the general agency of China Airline Company in the city proper of Qujing. There you can buy air tickets, return air tickets and inquire about anything about air tickets. You can get to Kunming first by air, and then go to Qujing by bus.

By Railway

The transportation in Qujing is very convenient. The two electrized railroads of Guizhou-Kunming, Nanjing-Kunming go through the 8 counties and cities of Qujing. The Guizhou-Kunming railroad goes through Malong, Qilin Region and Xuanwei. Its branches go through Fuyuan, Xi Quele of Xuanwei and Paguo of Guizhou. The Nanning-Kunming railroad goes through such counties as Luoping, Shizong and Luliang. It’s the best choice for you to take high-speed rail which only takes 30 minutes with the fee for 60RMB.

By Highway

Highways in Qujing area go to all directions. The two superhighways, Kunming-Qujing and Qujing-Luliang, and the national highways such as No.213, 320, 324 and 326 go through the city. The National Highway No. 323 connects the highways from Kunming to Baise.

Kunming-Qujing City (or Qilin City): the Kunming-Qujing Superhighway is 145 kilometers long. The travel lasts for two hours and a half. The price for minibuses is 20 yuan, and the price for the expresses is 36 yuan. Passenger buses are available in every large bus passenger transportation station.

Kunming-Luoping: the highway is 240 kilometers long. The price is 32 yuan. Buses are available in every hour in Dongju Passenger Transportation Station.

Kunming-Zhanyi: the highway is 155 kilometers long. The price is about 25 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.

Kunming-Huize: the highway is 259 kilometers long. The price is more than 40 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.

Kunming-Xuanwei: the highway is 248 kilometers long. The price ranges from 30 to 40 yuan. Buses are available every day in Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transportation Station.

How to Get Around

1.Taxi and Buses

In the counties, buses run on the main street, it will not take you much time on the bus, because the urban area is not too big. Taxi is convenient for someone who get into emergency, the starting price is cheap. However, people would like to take buses or motorbike in the county seat rather than taxi.


Minibus is the principle way for local people to travel a short distance. Passengers may wait for a minibus on the highway or just call the driver. Usually, the minibus will take you anywhere you want to go in a short distance, and the price is cheap.