Nagqu Education

In 2015, the pre-school, primary school, middle and high school enrollment rates reached 50.82%, 99.43%, 95.80%, and 60.68%, respectively. Special education achieved a “zero” breakthrough with 198 students. 1,233 candidates took the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination rate reached 62.85%, an increase of 11.85% compared with that in 2014. The entrance examination rate of the senior high school entrance examination reached 100%.

Chinese Name English Name Address
小博士幼儿园 Xiaoboshi Kindergarten South 350 meters of Middle Zhejiang Road(浙江中路南350米)
舟山幼儿园 Zhoushan Kindergarten Chongxin Residents' Committee, Nagqu Town, Lhasa Road, Seni District, Nagqu, Tibet(西藏自治区那曲市色尼区拉萨路那曲镇冲新居委会)

Biru County No. 2 Kindergarten

Biru County, Nagqu(那曲市比如县)
那曲市小学 Nagqu Primary School No. 10 West Zhejiang Road, Seni District, Nagqu, Tibet(西藏自治区那曲市色尼区浙江西路10号)
那曲市第一小学 Nagqu No. 1 Primary School No. 16 Middle Zhejiang Road(浙江中路16)
申扎县完全小学 Xainza County Primary School No. 3 Jiare Road, Xainza County, Nagqu, Tibet(西藏自治区那曲市申扎县加热路3号)
鸽群乡小学 Goqung Township Primary School Lhari County, Nagqu(那曲市嘉黎县)
下过乡完全小学 Zhago Township Primary School Xainza County, Nagqu(那曲市申扎县)
甲谷乡小学 Jiagu Township Primary School East 150 meters of No. 606 County Highway, Nyima County, Nagqu(那曲市尼玛县606县道东150米)
西藏那曲县中学 Tibet Nagqu Middle School Nagqu Town, Seni District, Nagqu, Tibet(西藏自治区那曲市色尼区那曲镇)
西藏那曲市高级中学 Tibet Nagqu Senior Middle School No. 10 Middle Wenhua Road(文化中路10号)
那曲浙江中学 Nagqu Zhejiang Middle School The Junction of West Zhejiang Road and No. 109 National Highway(浙江西路与109国道交汇处)
西藏那曲比如中学 Tibet Nagqu Biru Middle School No. 19 East Ningbo Road(宁波东路19)
巴青县中学 Baqên County Middle School North 50 meters of No. 317 National Highway(317国道北150米)

Lhari County Middle School

No. 8 West Renmin Road(人民西路8)

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