Nagqu Accommodation

Where to Stay in Nagqu

As a renowned tourist destination in Tibet, more and more hotels gather in Nagqu. Nagqu Hotels are mostly centralized in Nagqu County which is the capital of Nagqu prefecture. You will find ample of hotels in the city with most of them being budget or a little above budget. All your basic needs will be met here with absolute satisfaction. Many of these hotels are located just by the side of the highway that makes them easily accessible. The luxuries hotels are not available at present. However, there are several starred comfortable hotels and budget guesthouses for your consideration. The well-equipped facilities, cozy rooms and nice food in some hotels will make you at home. We offer some hotels as follows for your reference.

1. Name: Nagqu San Yi Grand Hotel(那曲三谊大酒店)
Add:Junction of North Lhasa Road and Zhakkong Road, Seni District, Nagqu(Next to Nagqu Municipal Urban Construction Bureau)(那曲 色尼区 拉萨北路与扎空路交叉口(那曲市城建局旁))

2. Name: Nagqu Keston Hotel(那曲凯斯顿大酒店)
Tel: 0896-3331666
Add: No. 57 North Liaoning Road, Seni District, Nagqu, next to Shuxiang Sichuan Restaurant( (那曲 色尼区 辽宁北路57号 ,近巴蜀香川菜馆)

3. Name: Nagqu Zangbei Yingbin Hotel (那曲藏北迎宾酒店)
Add: No. 57 North Liaoning Road, Seni District(色尼区辽宁北路57号)

4. Name: Nagqu Fengqing Inn(那曲风情客栈)
Add: No. 18 Middle Wenhua Road, Seni District, Nagqu(那曲 色尼区 文化中路18号)

5. Name: Nagqu Yuanfeng Hotel(那曲圆丰大酒店)
Add: No. 3 South Qiaqing Road, Seni District(色尼区恰青南路3号)

6. Name: Nagqu Sanyi Business Hotel(那曲三谊商务宾馆)
Tel: 0896-3371111 
Add: Crossroad, South Lhasa Road, Seni District, Nagqu, close to No. 109 National Highway(那曲 色尼区 拉萨南路十字路口 ,近109国道)

7. Name: Nagqu Langting Hotel(那曲朗廷酒店)
Add: East Side, North Lhasa Road, Nagqu(那曲 拉萨北路东侧)