Dehong Transportation

Situated in the west boundary area of Yunnan Province, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture neighbors Baoshan City to the east and northeast, and shares a boundary of 504 kilometers (313 miles) with Burma in the south, west and northwest. “Dehong” in Dai language means the lower reaches of Nujiang River, and its total area is 11526 m2. The national-level scenic zone of Ruilijiang River and Dayingjiang River sweeps into almost the whole prefectural land area; in its subordinated three counties and two cities, there are two excellent tourism cities, Ruili City and Yingjiang County.

How To Get In

By Air 

There is an airfield in Mangshi City of Dehong Region. Local people call Mangshi City Mangshi. Mangshi (or Fengping) Airfield is 6.5 kilometers away from the city proper of Mangshi. In Kunming there are several scheduled flights every day flying to and from Mangshi City. The 470 -kilometer flight from Kunming to Mangshi will take you about 45 minutes and cost you 530 yuan at most. Tourists to Dehong Region will have to reach Mangshi City first and then transfer to Wandin, Ruili, Yingjiang and so on.
 Ticket-booking Tel: 0871-3135777
Ticket-booking Centers in Dehong Region:
Tuanjie Road No. 107, Luxi City  (Tel: 0692-2121492)
Renming Road, Ruili City   (Tel: 0692-4148275)
By Long-distance Bus
There are many buses from Kunming Western Passenger Station to every county in Dehong.
Mangshi Bus Station (Northern Station): 0692-2121437
Mangshi Bus Station (Southern Station): 0692-2114694
Ruili Bus Station: 0692-4141423
Yingjiang Bus Station: 0692-8180766

How To Get Arund


Unless you want to go outside the county seat, all the taxies will charge you only 5 yuan in Luxi, Ruili and Yingjiang.


Sometimes you need to take special mini-cars to get to those remote beauty spots, and you can find name boards for the mini-cars in the county seat.


Mangshi Southern Bus Station 芒市南站
Passengers can take buses to other counties and towns in Dehong here. Most of time buses will leave when there is no vacancy.
Three Trees Bus Station 三棵树车站
The buses here go between Mangshi and Ruili or Wanding, which will leave when there is no vacancy.