Dehong Culture

Yunnan is a kingdom of  ethnic minorities, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture proves it. There are 5 original ethnic groups in Dehong, Dai, Jingpo, De’ang, Lisu and Achang, who live together generation by generation. These ethnic minority live cross border. They keep the trade contacts and cultural exchanges. The original inhabitants of this plain are mainly Dai ethnic minority, an ethnic minority with a long history and civilization. The men are gentle and kind, and the women are elegant and hardworking. The mountainous residents are mainly Jingpo people. This is a minority that migrated from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in ancient times. They are brave and unrestrained. Here, travelers can dance with the elegant ethnic girls and play the drum with the strong boys. Peacock Dancing and beautiful songs will gain your attentions. The representative festivals covers Water-splashing Festival of Dai, Munaozongge of Jingpo, Kuoshi Festival of Lisu and Aluwoluo Festival of Achang. Otherwise, Hinayana Buddhism is the major religion in Dehong. Dai and De'ang ethnic minorities believe in it. The pagodas and Zhuangfang (temple in Dai villages) are built in every Dai villages, which are the typical architectures in Dehong. The representative architectures is the Menghuan Grand Golden Pagoda. Most of villages will pray in Zhuangfang and pagodas in certain time. Jingpo people worship nature and their ancestors, which can be seen in their sacrifice ceremony. In general, ethnic culture is the essential part of Dehong.

Here are traditional villages of Dehong

 Hansha Village of Mengmao Town in Ruili City 瑞丽市勐卯镇姐东村委会喊沙村

Mengga Village of Mengga Town in Mangshi City   芒市勐戛镇勐戛村委会勐戛村
Nongme Village of Fengping Town in Mangshi City  芒市风平镇风平村委会弄么村

Jiubao Village of Jiubao Town in Lianghe County  梁河县九保乡九保村
Bangdu Village of Hexi Town in Lianghe County 梁河县河西乡邦读村

Xiaotang Village of Zhina Town in Yingjang County盈江县支那乡支那村委会硝塘村
Dazhai Village of Jiucheng Town in Yingjang County盈江县旧城镇大寨自然村
Mangyun Village of Taiping Town in Yingjiang County盈江县太平镇芒允街子
Mangbie Village of Xincheng Town in Yingjiang County盈江县新城乡芒别寨子