Science & Technology Museum in Beijing

Why is the Science & Technology Museum in Beijing so Special?

The China Science and Technology Museum, established in 1988 in Beijing, China, is “the only comprehensive museum of science and technology at national level in China” according to the official website of the Beijing government.

Where is the Science & Technology Museum in Beijing?

The museum is located in the Beijing Olympic Village, near the Olympic Green station of the Beijing Subway.

How to Get There

  • Take bus 311, 379, 484, 594, 695, 751, Yuntong 110 or Zhuan 40 to Walinankou Station, and then walk to the north six minutes to the west gate of the museum.
  • Take Bus Zhuan 40 to Datun Beilu and then walk west for 1 minute, turn north and walk for 1 more minute to the gate; or take Bus 311, 379 or 484 to Baofang Xi and then walk north for 5 minutes.
  •  Take Subway Line 8  or Line 15 to Olympic Park Station, exit from G, and walk east for 2 minutes to East Hujing Rd. Walk north along the road for about 5 minutes, you will get there.
  • Take subway Line 8 to South Gate of Forest Park Station, exit from C, and then walk east for 3 minutes to East Hujing Rd. Walk south along the road for about 5 minutes to the Museum.

Science Paradise Hall

This hall is a very attractive place for children who like science and hands-on activities, where they can have a good time. It consists of 7 theme exhibition areas, including happy farm, happy water bay, science castle, mountain exploration, safety island, performance site and hands-on activities, with a total area of 3800 square meters (40896 square feet). It is set up for children aged 3 to 8 and aims to stimulate their interest in science through various educational means, including play, discussion and interaction.

Glory of China Hall

This hall aims to promote the scientific and technological achievements of ancient China. You can try papermaking, study the therapeutic effect of acupuncture in China, and understand the four great inventions in ancient China: printing, gunpowder, papermaking and compass.

Exploration and Discovery Hall

The exhibits in this hall focus on scientific exploration. There are eight theme areas in this hall to show visitors the beauty of scientific discoveries. You will leave this second floor area with awe and wonder at scientific exploration.

Sci-Tech and Life Hall

This hall focuses on science and technology which makes ordinary life different. From health, agriculture to machinery and transportation, science and technology touch all aspects of our lives, making our daily work easier and more convenient.

Challenge and Future Hall

The Challenge and Future Hall is divided into seven parts. The theme is the key issues and challenges facing mankind. Each section highlights innovation and looks forward to the future.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Opening hours:
    9:30-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, ticket selling stops at 16:00.
    P.S.Also opens on Monday if it’s a public holiday; closes on Chinese New Year’s Eve and the following two days.
  • Fees for main exhibition halls (except Science Paradise Hall): CNY 30; Free for children under 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) if accompanied by adult.
  • Fees for Science Paradise Hall: CNY 20 for children; CNY10 for adults.
  • Fees for Theaters: CNY 30;
    P.S.Children under 1.2 meters and seniors over 70 cannot enter the Motion Theater; expectant mothers cannot enter the 4D theater.

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