East Lake in Shaoxing

East Lake 

The East Lake is situated six kilometers to the east of the historic Shaoxing City. With a wonderful combination of a hill, grottoes, stone bridges, it might pass for a miniature landscape. Although it is quite small, its delicacy and elegance rank it among the best resorts in Shaoxing. Nine bridges lie in the scenic area, separating the lake into three parts. By the lake, there are some pavilions including Xiangji, Yinlu and Tingqiu Pavilions, making the scenery there more fantastic.

Why is East Lake So Special?

The East Lake is regarded as a magical lake by the Chinese. The combination of cliffs, grottos, and stone bridges is the reason why the East Lake deserves its magical reputation. Taking a boat ride on the East Lake, you can discover its natural beauty from a variety of viewpoints.

How to get to East Lake

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Take bus No. 1, 29, 107, 117, 127, 137, 157, 167, 207 to get off at Donghu scenic spot station

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