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Chinese Name: 日照 English IPA: /rizhao/ Location: Southeastern Shandong Province, China Population (city): 3,036,800 Language: Mandarin, Rizhao dialect Zip code: 276800 Tel code: 0633 Time zone: UTC+8

As a coastal city, Rizhao is rich in all kinds of seafood like local special crab, sea cucumber, scallop, yellow croaker, conch, mackerel, big prawn, abalone, etc. There are many local dishes you could try like Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel, Fried Whitebait with Scrambled Eggs, Scalded Hibernate Mixed with Vinegar, Stir-fried Clam in Hot Pepper, Coelomactra Antiquata, etc. In addition, Rizhao is rich in mountains except for seas. Not only can tourists enjoy beautiful sea scenery but also enjoy climbing, which is difficult to do this when they travel other cities. Tourists can climb Wulian Mountain, Jiuxiang Mountain, Daqingshan Mountain, He Mountain, Aye Mountain and Qilian Mountain.


  • Fresh Seafood: As a coastal city of Shandong Province, Rizhao is rich in all kinds of fresh food.You can eat all sorts of seafood here. Also, there are some seafood market where you can buy a variety of seafood.
  • The Hometown of Blueberry: Rizhao products the best blueberry of China. The blueberry that grow in Rizhao is bigger and sweeter than that of producing in other cities.
  • Local-featured Tours: Taken the advantages of the seaside, the 3S (sunshine, sea and beach) leisure tour is developed. Relying on Wulian mountain and Jiuxianshan Mountain, the religion tour is developed. Based on the water sports center and Wanpingkou Beach, Binhai gymnasium tour is launched. Take advantage of Rizhao’s tea culture and tea expos, tours related to tea culture are developed. Relying on a lot of fishing villages along the seaside, folklore tour gets developed.

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Rizhao Attractions

There are numerous attractive sceneries and beautiful scenic spots in Rizhao and this part will provide visitors some information related to Rizhao attractions. With so many attractions here, you can visit the following locations that have a 4-star rating according to Chinese classification for scenic spots: Wulian Mountain, Wanpingkou Beach, Rizhao Beach National Park, Liujiawan Park, Fulai Mountain. Besides, there are other mountains that you can climb, like Jiuxiang Mountain, Daqingshan Mountain, He Mountain, Aye Mountain and Qilian Mountain, etc. [...]

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Rizhao Tours

Rizhao, located in Southeastern Shandong Province, is a large coastal city so that it is rich in captivating sea scenery and delicious seafood. Tourists can climb Wulian Mountain, Jiuxiangshan Mountain, Daqingshan Mountain, etc. Also, they can enjoy diving, swimming and surfing at Wanpingkou Beach. Besides, Rizhao has a very long history and its own special culture which tourists can make themselves enjoy their travelling more. What's more, tourists can experience local festivals with Rizhao people, which make their travelling more [...]

Climate & When to Go

The weather between summer and winter is quite different. Winter is cold and windy, but generally dry, with a January average of -2°C (28°F). Summer is hot and humid, with an August average of 25.7°C (78.3°F). Due to its proximity to the coast, it experiences a one-month delayed spring compared to much of the inland province. Conversely, autumn is milder than inland areas in Shandong. The annual mean temperature is 12.95 °C (55.3 °F). On average, there are 2,530 hours [...]

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There is some detailed information on Rizhao transportation. Information about how to get and how to leave Rizhao will help you a lot in your trip to Rizhao. How to Get & Leave Rizhao Aviation Rizhao Shanzihe Airport Located in Houcun Town, Donggang District, it is received approval from the State Council and the Central Military Commission in October 2013 and 19 kilometers away from the city proper. The airport offers flights to most other cities that has airport in China. Also, it connects [...]

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Festivals and Activities

There are some local Rizhao festival and activities that may be let your Rizhao visiting much more interesting and special. Fisherman's Day Time: April 20th Fishermen's Day is a concentrated expression of the form of fishermen's sacrifice to the sea, which expresses the strong feeling and awe of the fisherman. The festival will feature a wide range of activities, including blessing for new boats, toast to Dragon King and the Goodness of sea. After finishing these, captains gather together to talk about their [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Police: 110 Fire: 119 Ambulance:120 City Code: 0633 Zip Code: 276800 Marine Call for Help: 12395 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Rizhao Tourists Complaint: 0633-8816276 Taxi Complaint: 0633-82817777 Traffic Supervision Hotline: 0633-12328 Post office Rizhao Post Office: No. 23 Third Coastal Road Donggang District Post Office: No. 365 Shandong Road, Donggang District Lanshan District Post Office: Junction of Shenlan Road and Wanghu Road, Lanshan District Ju County Post [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give our tourists much more clearly of their location and where they are in or where they go, we offer some Rizhao maps here. These maps of Rizhao could cover Rizhao location map, Rizhao region map, Rizhao in China Map, Rizhao transportation map, Rizhao tours map, Rizhao tourist attractions map, etc. [...]

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Rizhao Accommodation

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