Brent Bishop

Travel Blogger
Brent/Brendan has travelled extensively as a Storyographer, interacting directly with varied people and sharing experiences in story with photography. In the past 3 years he has been engaged with people in 36 countries. He was introduced to Yunnan Adventures by his brother Tom, you had lived in Yunnan. While with Yunnan tours he was able to not only enjoy the tour aspects of Yunnan, but the interaction with its people. Prior to becoming a world traveller he operated an accommodation in Ireland and hosted over 70,000 guests from around the world. He now enjoys visiting others in their homes. Brent/Brendan is a dual citizen of he USA and Ireland. He has posted and will post more stories of his experiences with Yunnan Adventure, here and on his sites and He is currently engaged helping some of those he has met to start cottage businesses, to help people market their unique cultures and create income opportunities for themselves. The videos that will be posted on this site by him, have been created by a group he created in Zambia, who are creating a cultural vide business under the name Cultural Heritage International.