Baotou Ya’ou Sports Resort

Baotou Ya’ou Sports Resort(亚欧体育运动度假村) is a supporting project for Olympic Park in Baotou(包头). The resort occupies a total area of 2,000 acres, paved with 7 million cubic meters of fairway; 420,000 square meters of grassland; living water circulation system; and 500,000 trees,(Including ginkgo biloba, evergreen trees, bretschneidera sinensis, staghorn sumac, Chinese arborvitae, spruce, jujube trees, hippophae rhamnoides, branchy tamarisk and willow trees)

Designed by top design firm American Schmidt-Curry, the Baotou Ya’ou Sports Resort has an 18-hole par 72 international standard golf course and golf driving range, which meet the requirement of international standard PGA Championships. The resort is one of a kind in domestic, with the longest par of 4 496 yards, the shortest par of 4 301 yards. There are artificial lakes that use circulating water in the fairways of No. 2, No. 4, No. 8, and No. 18. The golf course has a unique landscape and the fairway is wide yet playful. With the landscape that exceeds one-third of the stadium area, the resort is a leading place with high level air quality and ecological environment in Baotou. The total length of the fairway is 7360 yards, grass of the A field is poa annua L., and the grass of the B field is peterm.

Baotou Ya’ou Sports Resort has more than 5,400 square meters of top-level humane clubs and more than 20,000 square meters of high-end five-star hotels. It is a comprehensive venue integrating catering, conference and fitness. Golf View Villa(50 sets for phase I)introduces eco-friendly living space, with a large courtyard and inner court area, villas and garden are closely combined together, creating a comfortable living environment.

Chinese Name:包头亚欧体育运动度假村 (18洞)
Chinese Address:内蒙古包头市青山区奥林匹克公园内
Translated by Yuan Jinghan/袁静晗