XishuangBanna Wild Elephant Golf Club

Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Golf Club(西双版纳野象高尔夫球会) in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, crossing the township of Jinghong City, surrounded on three sides by forests, and acres of tea accompanied by side, 500 meters from the front row Queensland (Ming) Man (Valley) freeway exit Owatari post to reach the club; the club is 55 km from the state capital seat of Jinghong City, 60 kilometers away from Pu’er (Simao) city. Is the first body in the tropical rainforest of the golf course.

Yunnan golf tours Xishuangbanna Wild elephant Golf Club, the architectural style characteristic absorption Dai architecture, the concept of the essence of traditional folk and modern architecture combine. Clubhouse construction area of 3,000 square meters, for the U-shaped layout of the stadium, leaving the middle of the courtyard, connected with the forest, are in the club, the forest is an extension of the courtyard, the body in the forest, like the long clubs from out of the woods. In Wild elephant Golf Club, you can in the best of the purest environments leisure, vacation, health, and can in the changing shapes of the fairways, greens, and the dialogue with designers, to compete with rivals, to fully enjoy the game of golf the charm.

Xishuangbanna Wild elephant Golf Club can be said that the country’s first eco-stadium in the true sense, in addition to its unique natural environment, building the stadium to maximize the use of local materials and construction of various ecological style, firing tables the yardage pile of sand tanks are prepared using local old roots, flowers, handmade pottery. Clubhouse building by dozens of wooden beams root architecture, services facilities, a reception hall, business center, SPA, stores, conference room, restaurant. It has a rather distinctive gazebo on Dai clubhouse balcony, tea cool air while most of the stadium to watch the landscape.