White undershirt and Black sleeveless jacket of Salar Ethnic Group

The ancestors of the Sala nationality immigrated to the east from the middle part of Asia in the Yuan dynasty, and settled in the regions of Gansu and Qinghai. Therefore, the early-stage culture and life still kept many characteristics of those of the middle part of Asia, Islam and the animal husbandry culture. In the clothing and decorations, most men wore cross-collar gown, trousers with big crotch, cloth belt or silk scarf around the waist, sheepskin roll brim hat on the head, and ankle boots on the feet. The women wore silk scarf on the head and dress on the body. After that, with the transfer from animal husbandry economy to agricultural economy and the influence of the surrounding Hui, Han and other nationalities, the styles and raw materials of clothing gradually changed. In style, there were more and more short coats. And cotton cloth and silk were more frequently used as raw materials. But the influence of Islam was also very distinguished. At present, the clothing of the Sala nationality is: men wear little white or black round hat, white “undershirt” (shirt), and black sleeveless jacket, those are the so-called “white undershirt and black sleeveless jacket”. And they wear red cloth or red silk belt around the waist, black or blue trousers on the legs, and cloth shoes on the feet. When the old people are worshiping, they bind white “dasida’r” (scarf) around the head, and wear gown named as “zhongbai” on the body. The women wear colored coat with the buttons of the front on the right, black or purple sleeveless jacket and trousers, and embroidery shoes on the feet, headkerchief on the head. The colors of headkerchief differ according the ages, the young girl and newly wedded women wear green headkerchief, the middle-aged women wear black and the old women wear white headerchief.

With the progress of times and the economic and cultural development of the Sala national regions, the clothing culture of the Sala nationality will become more colorful.