Wheel swing of Tu Ethnic Group

The entertainment activities of the Tu nationality are abundant and colorful, and the sports entertainment activities are also diversified. Among them, the wheel swing is one with considerable features. 

In the past, in slack season, especially during the period of the Spring Festival, people often disassembled the “upper foot” (awning) of carriage, and integrally erected the “lower foot”—wheel and axle, and laid stones or other heavy things on the wheel on the ground to keep the steadiness and balance of the center of gravity. A ladder in the length of three to four meters is bound horizontally on the upper wheel. On the both ends of the ladder, a “U” shape (in the shape of a swing) seat cover is bound. At the time of competition, every two persons respectively sit on the swing seat, and exert themselves to rotate the wheel, the person who rotates for the longest time and does not feel dizzy and dazzled is the winner. It is a kind of sports entertainment activity loved by men and women, old and young, especially by teen-agers. 

Afterwards, the people of the Tu nationality unceasingly improved the wheel swing. Now, most of the wheel swings are welded with steel tubes, and equipped with ball bearing, so they are more scientific, safer and more convenient. During recent years, wheel swing has been listed as the performance or game item on the farmers sports meeting and national meeting, and let this old sports and entertainment sports of the people of the Tu nationality radiate new youthful vigor.