Tibet Museum in Lhasa

Tibet Museum is a museum dedicated to Tibetan culture, officially inaugurated in October of 1999 with a great deal of collection that celebrates the history of Tibetan Culture. With an area of more than 53,959 square meters, Tibet Museum is basicly in Tibet style such as Tibetan doors, beam-decoration, patterns and so on, in order to create the atmosphere of authentic Tibetan art.

Tibet Museum holds abundant Tibetan collector’s items including Buddha of different poses, Bodhisattva statue, the Tibetan records, colorful Tang Card, Tibetan musical instrument as well as the local handcrafts……

Lhasa Tibet Museum The History of Tibetan Culture Exhibition displays several hundreds of Tibetan history, politics, cultural arts and customs. It takes Tibetan history as the main thread and Tibetan culture as the center, expressing the fact that Tibet is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.

The Art Design Exhibition displays the girder structure of Tibetan architecture, decoration, habitacle, with the express of maintaining the dense Tibetan custom.

Tibet Museum provides four languages- Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, and English to make the tourists profound feel.