The Urgur Colored Hats of Uygur Ethnic Group

The colored hat is one of the most impressive characteristics in Uygur costumes. It is called Duopa in the Uygur language. From the north to the south of Tianshan mountains, from the old the young, from man to the woman, the Uygur people likes to wear a four-angular hat in every season. It is both an everyday costume as well as a decorative craftsmanship. The colored hats have different styles for different areas, occupations, ages and genders. For example, in the Keshi area in the south of Xin Jiang, many people like to wear the Bdaanmudoupa. This is made in the shape of the apricot core from Badan wood for guys, mostly white flowers on the black material which make the people solemn, traditional and elegant. The characteristics of the Tulufan Colored hat is that the four sides of the hat are decorated with the four styles of cloud shapes rich in color. Seen from the distance, it looks like a flower crown. The Yili Colored hat is flat and smooth in shape, delicate and simple in patterns and tender and elegant in colors, suitable for both men and women.

In Hetian area, the most famous colored hat is the colored lattice pattern hat for woman. It is wide on the top and narrow at the bottom, with the four angulars and sewed wholly using the colorful silk threads. The sewing patterns are tight, harmonious and beautiful. The Huke women always wear a little colored hat decorated with protruding pattens, threads of pearls, shining and crystal, which are especially loved by the young women. In the Yutian, Mingfeng and Qiemo areas on the edge of south of Tialimu Valley, the Urgur women usually like to wear little teacup shape colored hat with about five or six centimeters high and less than 10 centimeters in radius.

The Urgur people call this ‘Taliyabaike’. The top of the hat is covered by colorful silk and made of the skin of lamb on the edge of the bottom. The craftsmanship is delicate and special. Actually, you cannot put the hat just on. Instead, you have to pin the hat into the scarf as decoration. Closely it looked like a hat but from far distance, it looked like a flower tilted wearing on head, special and charming.

Whenever the cheerful festival celebrations and the dancing parties come, the people will always select the little colored hat they love best to decorate themselves when they visit the friends and relatives. The colored hats are surely not only a decoration but also the valuable gifts for friends and relatives. For those first comers to Xin Jiang, it is also a impressive craftsmanship, so they will always buy one as souvenir.