The Milagahei passing on from generation to generation

The folk stories, legends, long narrative poems and other literary and art works of Dongxiang nationality are rich and colorful. Among them, the long folk narrative poem Milagahei has been deeply loved by people, and been spread by them for several hundred years, prolonged and never declined.

The gist of the story Milagehei is: Long long ago, there was a young brave and strong man named as “Milagahei” (translated from the pronunciation of Dongxiang language, “Mila” means “little”, “gahei” means brother). His fianc¨¦e was named as Mazhilu, who was very sweet and charming. When they were going to marry, the outer enemies invaded the country and the frontier pass reported an emergency. Milagahei considered more about the state interests, decided to join in the army, and went to the frontline to resist the enemies and defend the country. Before leaving, the two young persons were heartbroken and could hardly tear themselves away from each other. Milagahei presented a half mirror to Mazhilu, and Mazhilu also gave presents to her beloved. The poem says:

The roots of the grass and trees are twisted, 
The hearts of beloved people are connected, 
The girl Mazhilu bursts into tears, 
With her both hands holding two presents. 
I present you a handful of white beans, 
Your eyes will shine when they are in bloom,
I present you a pair of chopsticks made of bamboo, 
Your hands will shake when holding the bowl.

Several years later, when the war was ending, Milagahei had three strange dreams in succession: the flowers planted in his own garden are in bloom in another person’s back garden; the foal of his family is tied in the stable of another person; and the smoke of his home’s kitchen goes out from the chimney of another person’s home. A wise and farsighted elder prognosticated the dream for him and said that it was because some robbers were forcing his beloved to marry. Under the guide of the elder, Milagahei, whose heart was burning with impatience and was set on speeding home, was so lucky to get a miraculous horse, and went back to his long separated hometown and meet his beloved in the twinkling of eyes. With the help of the miraculous horse, they defeated the robbers, and get married happily and lived on happy life since then.

The contents of Milagahei are abundant and its plots are moving, reacting the struggling spirit of the people of Dongxiang nationality—pursuing freedom and happy life and not fearing violence.