The Interesting “Phoenix Protecting Eggs” of Mulao Ethnic Group

“The phoenix protecting eggs” is one of Mulao people’s traditional sports games. The playing process is: firstly draw a circle on the ground to be the “phoenix nest,” and in the middle there place a few cobblestones regarded as the phoenix’s eggs, then one person plays the part of the phoenix, with both his hands propped up to protect the eggs, the left foot placed on the ground in a prone position, and the right foot able to be freely moved. Another five people play the part of “troops from the heaven” coming to take the eggs. When taking the eggs, whoever is kicked by the right foot of the “phoenix” will be considered as a loser and his qualification of taking eggs will be canceled. The win and defeat will be determined by whether all the “phoenix’s eggs” can be taken away within five minutes.

The game can train people to be alert, brave, and decisive and make a healthy person with progressive sentiment. There is a legend about the origin of the game “the phoenix protecting eggs.” Long long ago, a beautiful phoenix flew over to the Mulao mountainous area, and gave birth to a phoenix egg, which brought the hope and happiness to Mulao people.. The people are better-off, and many skillful craftsmen appeared. The God knew that and sent troops from the heaven to catch the phoenix, but each time they will be defeated by the phoenix and escaped.

The God was angry and ordered to smash up the phoenix’s nest and take away the phoenix’s egg. The phoenix went all out at the time of protecting the egg, but at last got worn out, and was unfortunately shot to death. The mountain later turned into the phoenix’s mountain. To commemorate the phoenix, Mulao people launch the game “the phoenix protecting eggs” among the teenagers, which has been passed on till nowadays.