Suzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

Suzhou Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Converted from the Ci Xian Hall, the residence of Shen Shixing, the Number One Scholar in Ming Dynasty, Suzhou museum of TCM was opened in 2002 and specializes in the traditional Chinese medicine of Wu Area (mainly Suzhou and Wuxi). Chinese medicine in Suzhou is an important part of Wu Culture, and known as Wumen medical school.

It was originated in Yuan Dynasty and reached its heyday in Ming and Qing dynasties. In history, there were about a thousand famous doctors and around a hundred imperial physicians of Wumen medical school, with more than 500 important medical books. The museum is divided into five separated halls, with Chun Hui Hall as the main hall, to display the cultural and historical data of TCM, the ancient medical appliances, the TCM classics, the pharmaceutical equipments and the herbal medicine specimen of Wumen School. The museum is built like a classical Chinese garden, with an artificial hill, pool, pavilion, porch, winding corridor, plants…  

Background Information of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for short, was created by ancient Han people and has been popular in the country for thousands of years. Based on the ancient oriental philosophy, yin and yang theory, the five elements theory and the natural laws of the human body, traditional Chinese medicine specializes in physiological monitoring, and the precaution, diagnose and treatment of diseases. Chinese medicine in Japan, Korean medicine in Korea, East medicine in Vietnam was originated from China. In nowadays, TCM has been spread to the world and has special effects on some kinds of disease. To commemorate the famous ancient doctors of TCM, keep the TCM classics, and inherit the essence and therapeutic methods of TCM, many museums of traditional Chinese medicine have been built in China and open to the public. 

How to Get There

Take bus 33, 88, 204, 262, 301, 301, 313, 933, North Line 1, South Line 1 and get off at children’s hospital.

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