Nandaihe Forest International Sports Club

Nandaihe Forest International Golf Club(南戴河森林国际高尔夫俱乐部) is built by Sunchi Real Estate Company of Ruhai Limited Company(如海集团顺驰房地产公司). The club is located in Nandaihe(南戴河) of Qinhuangdao(秦皇岛), which is the famous summer resort that governors used to go. The club covers an area of 2000 mu, and is an 18 hole international championship golf course. It has five-star training ground, VIP training room and huge green, as well as a high-level Tuscany style club. In here , you’ll truly fell the simplicity and noble leisure experience of European Rural culture.

Nangaihe Forest International Golf Club is an 18 hole championship with 7185 yards long, and the standard is 72. The golf course is surrounded by original trees. The fairway, lake water and trees are intersected, which makes you have a wonderful experience.

Geographical Position


Opposite Nandaihe International Entertainment Center, Qinhuangdao(秦皇岛), Hebei(河北).


Enter the exit of Qianxi9(迁西)/Guye(古冶)/S262 Jingha(京哈) expressway, drive 13.5km in the Qiantang(迁唐) line, turn left to G205 and drive 70.5km, turn right to S365 and drive 9.5km, go straight to Changhai(昌海) avenue and drive 1.7km, turn left to S364 and drive 8.3km, turn right and drive 670 miles, then turn right and drive 230 miles. Turn left, you’ll arrive the club.

Chinese Name:南戴河森林国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北秦皇岛南戴河国际娱乐中心对面
Translated by Xu Wei/徐蔚