Dress and embroidery of Tatar Ethnic Group

The dresses of the Tatar nationality are unique. Generally, the men and women, old and young all like wearing a kind of white embroidery shirts with wide sleeves, vertical collar and buttons down the front, the collar, sleeves and breast part of the shirts are embroidered with the cross, diamond shape and other geometric patterns, the color is harmonic and beautiful. Outside the white shirt, they wear a short sleeveless garment at the same level with the waist. This kind of black-and-white sharp contrast arrangement is more universal on the clothing of men. Besides the men’s clothing, they also generally wear small black-and-white embroidered hat. In winter, they wear a kind of blue rolled-hair leather hat that is made of sheepskin, short-crotch tight black trousers on the lower part of the body, long-leg leather boots on the feet, and wear a fur coat outside, bind a leather belt around the waist, and all these make them look might and unconstrained.

The women dresses of the Tatar nationality are beautiful and tasteful. The women generally wear dresses in white, yellow, purple and red, etc, the simple but elegant dresses show their delicacy and charm. They also like wearing a kind of long skirt inlaid with semi-crape lace, and wear “kayika” multicolored leather shoes or long-leg boots. They wear small embroidered hat inlaid with a lot of colored pearls, and decorate the hat with a colored transparent gauze kerchief, and match with the earrings, necklace, brooch, bracelet, ring and other indispensable decorations that are made of gold, silver, pearl, jade and other materials. Accompanying with the warmhearted and straightforward disposition, they look more delicate and beautiful. 

Embroidery is one of the technologies that the women of the Tatar nationality are most proficient in. Their clever hands embroider not only the patterns that are pleasing to both the eye and the mind on all kinds of clothing and decorations, but also the colorful patterns on the pillow, bed sheet, bedspread, dado, tablecloth, curtain and other indoor articles concurrently. The wedding ceremonial dresses of the girls are the world for them to show their own talent and wisdom, all the patterns and flowers express the meek and kind disposition of the girls and their good hope and pursuit to the new life. The young fellows of the Tatar nationality generally take the embroidery technology level of the girls as their standard of choosing a spouse, but all of them are convinced by the outstanding ability of the girls.