Dongguan Hillview Golf Club

Dongguan Hillview Golf Club(东莞峰景高尔夫球会) is conveniently located nearby the city centry of Dongguan city. With the neigbouring Express Highway, you can reach Shenzhen Airport and Fu yong ferry Terminal in 40 minutes, Guangzhou in 60 minutes and Hong Kong in 90 minutes.
The Club is set in a lush green surrounding. The unique design of the Course preserves and enhances the natural beauty of the region. Together with the picturesque hills and lakes, it is the scenic area of the city.

Designed by Jim Engh, a veteran in golf course design,Dongguan Hillview Golf Club is a course of distinction.With the course setting in the calleys of a beautiful landscape,the golfer id provide with a feeling of security and enclosure while proceeding on his pleasant golfing journey.Its intricate details and features make it both a serious challenge for even the world’sfinest golfers and a mere enjoyment for a fresh player.

Mr.Engh has a long history in championship course design back to the 1970’s. He was once appointed the Director of Design by various world renowned companies. Projects involved are scattered all over the world.

Chinese Name:东莞峰景高尔夫球会 (36洞)
Chinese Address:广东省东莞市东城区迎宾大道