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Dongying (simplified Chinese: 东营; traditional Chinese: 東營; pinyin: Dōngyíng), a prefecture-level city, lies on the northern (Bohai Sea) coast of Shandong province, People’s Republic of China. At the 2010 census, 2,035,338 people resided within its administrative area of 7,923.26 km2 (3,059.19 sq mi) and 998,968 in the built-up area made up of Dongying district and Kenli County largely being urbanized.[1][2] Dongying is home to the Shengli Oilfield which after the Daqing oilfield is the second largest oilfield in China.

Dongying has a monsoon-influenced, four-season humid continental climate Köppen Dwa), with hot, humid summers, and cold but dry winters. The city is dry and nearly rainless in spring, hot and rainy in summer, crisp in autumn and dry and cold (with little snow) in winter. The average annual temperature is 13.1 °C (55.6 °F), and the annual precipitation is 559 millimetres (22.0 in), with a strong summer maximum, and high variability from year to year. January is the coldest and driest month, with a mean temperature of −2.6 °C (27.3 °F) and 5.5 mm (0.22 in) of equivalent rainfall. July is the hottest and wettest month; the corresponding numbers are 26.8 °C (80.2 °F), and 168.8 mm (6.65 in).

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