Tianshui Administrative Divisions

NameHanziHanyu PinyinPopulation(2004 est.)Area (km²)Density(/km²)

Qinzhou District 秦州区 Qínzhōu Qū 650,000 2,442 266
Maiji District 麦积区 Màijī Qū 580,000 3,452 188
Qingshui County 清水县 Qīngshuǐ Xiàn 310,000 2,003 155
Qin'an County 秦安县 Qín'ān Xiàn 600,000 1,601 375
Gangu County 甘谷县 Gāngǔ Xiàn 600,000 1,572 382
Wushan County 武山县 Wǔshān Xiàn 440,000 2,011 219
Zhangjiachuan Hui
Autonomous County
张家川回族自治县 Zhāngjiāchuān
Huízú Zìzhìxiàn
320,000 1,311 244

Tianshui (Gansu) Administrative Division introduces Administrative Maps of Tianshui (Gansu), Places to Visit in Tianshui (Gansu), Travel to Tianshui (Gansu) and explore the interesting Regions, Areas, Prefectures, Cities, Districts, Counties, Towns and Villages.

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