Ordos Shopping

Ordos shopping or shopping in Ordos comes as the followed consideration after ending your travel in Ordos, then what can you buy for Souvenir to your families and friends? Ordos specialties inlcudes dairy food, cheese, dried beef, A’erbasi goat meat and handmade horse milk tea, etc. Here is sorted information about what and where to buy in Ordos.

What to Buy in Ordos

Ordos Cashmere (鄂尔多斯山羊绒)

Ordos cashmere is famous at home and abroad for its good thermal insulation properties. Cashmere is very precious, not only because of its scarce output, but also because of its excellent quality and characteristics. It is considered as and "fiber queen" and "soft gold". The clothes and dresses made of Ordos cashmere will keep your body warm in cold weather with soft wearing comfort. Cashmere clothes are high recommended to you.

Kumis 马奶酒

Kumis, a typical traditional Mongolian drink in Inner Mongolia. Now the Kumis products are wrapped in various packages, convenient for carrying.

Spirulina Produced in Otog (鄂托克旗螺旋藻)

The spirulina seaweed grow in Lake Chahannaoer in Otog is known to the world for its excellent quality. The spirulina, reputed as "brain gold", has unique functions of balancing acid and alkali, supplementing nutrition, improving immunity, resisting radiation, etc. There are spirulina products available in shopping malls for your choice.

Sea-buckthorn Juice from Ordos Plateau (鄂尔多斯高原沙棘汁)

Sea-buckthorn is a treasure in Ordos plateau. Chundian Sea-buckthorn Juice (淳点沙棘汁) adopts the sea-buckthorn harvested from 1800-day-old sea-buckthorn trees grown in severe cold and drought areas. Sea-buckthorn is rich in nutrients, more than 200 kinds of bioactive substances, a variety of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids, and is recognized by the scientific community as the king of VC.

Where to Buy in Ordos

This division lists several recommened shopping places in Ordos for your convenience.

1. Ordos Shopping Center 鄂尔多斯购物中心
Address: Dongsheng Dstrict, Ordos City 
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Description: It is a shopping complex integrating food service and recreation.

2. Tourist Commodities Shopping Mall 旅游购物商场
Address: Xiangshawan Scenic Area
Description: Tourists can find various kinds of Ordos specialties and souvenir in this shopping mall.

3. Wanzheng Shopping Street 万正购物街
Address: Wanzheng Square in Dongsheng District

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