Jinan Festivals and Events

The following is some details of Jinan festivals and activities that you could refer to.

Spouting Spring Lantern Festival

Time: The whole lunar January
Holding Venue: Spouting Spring
Ticket Fare: 40 yuan
Spouting Spring Lantern Festival has a long history. Since the lunar January 15th were claimed as Lantern Festival by Emperor Xuanzong , there were customs of releasing lanterns. After thousands of years, the customs are still kept. During this festival, you could see varies of lanterns on the roofs, trees, water, etc. Meanwhile, all sorts of performances could be watched, like stilt walking, land boat dancing, lion dancing, etc. There is a saying that if you do no watch lanterns in Spouting Spring, you would not experience a real New Year.

Pingyin Rose Art Festival

Time: Each May
Holding Venue: Pingyin
The festival see a series of rose product exhibitions, rose wine tasting, cultural art activities and tourist events. It is a feast for rose lovers.

Taiming Lake Lotus Art Festival

Time: Every July
Holding Venue: Taiming Lake
During the events, there would be lotus beauty match, lotus lanterns days, Qixi gala, dragon boat race, beer festival, garden visiting activities, lotus tour performances, etc.

Qianfoshan Mountain Meeting

Time: Lunar September 9th (the Double Ninth Festival)
Holding Venue: Qianfo Mountain
Ticket Fare: 30 yuan
During the Double Ninth Festival, people would have the customs of taking wines with friends, climbing mountain to appreciate chrysanthemum, and participating Qianfoshan Mountain Meeting. At this time, all kinds of selling booths would scattered along two sides of the long mountain roadsides. And the monks here would chant sutras and continue their daily routines.

Jinan Spring Water Culture Week

Time: Every September
Holding Venue: Quancheng Square, the bank of Daming Lake
There would be grand square variety show fireworks gala, spring culture experience activities, etc. on Quancheng Square.In Daming Lake, there are triathlon matches.