Dingxi Administrative Divisions

Dingxi has 1 urban district, 6 counties, and 119 towns with a total population of 2,698,622.

Name Simplified Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Population(2010 census) Area (km²) Density (/km²)

City proper
Anding District 安定区 Āndìng Qū 420,614 4,225 99.55
Tongwei County 通渭县 Tōngwèi Xiàn 349,539 2,899 120.57
Longxi County 陇西县 Lǒngxī Xiàn 453,259 2,657 170.59
Weiyuan County 渭源县 Wèiyuán Xiàn 324,215 2,034 159.40
Lintao County 临洮县 Líntáo Xiàn 507,386 2,851 177.97
Zhang County 漳县 Zhāng Xiàn 192,957 2,164 89.17
Min County 岷县 Mín Xiàn 450,654 3,500 128.76

Dingxi (Gansu) Administrative Division introduces Administrative Maps of Dingxi, Places to Visit in Dingxi, Travel to Dingxi and explore the interesting Regions, Areas, Prefectures, Cities, Districts, Counties, Towns and Villages.

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