Danzhou Lanyang Hot Spring Golf Club

Danzhou Lanyang Hot Spring Golf Club (儋州蓝洋温泉高尔夫球会) is located inside the gorgeous Langyang Hot Springs Resort area, where you can soak away all the aches and pains after swinging your clubs all day on the hilly course surrounded by forested slopes.

Danzhou Lanyang Hotspring resort invested by Haikou Harbour construction group, is a state-owned enterprises. Located in the southern suburbs of  Danzhou Nada town Lanyang hot spring tourism area, it is an area of ​​40 acres.

Danzhou Lanyang Hotspring resort opened on September 8, 1998 and  ranked formally “three star” resort onJanuary 18, 2001. The Resort  has 130 spacious and comfortable rooms of various types, including 99 Standard rooms, 13 deluxe standard rooms, 12 deluxe honeymoon rooms, five luxury suites, a business suite, Blue Moon Cafe house and a large spa pool.

The hotel has advanced teaching conference equipment (multimedia projector, multi-purpose video demonstration instrument, etc.) of multi-functional conference rooms (can accommodate 250-300 people), small meeting rooms, luxurious and unique dance halls, reflexology recreation center, tennis Pavilion, basketball court, beach golf course, bridge fishing, billiards room, outdoor fitness activities, games and other entertainment and sports facilities.

Address:  Inside Lanyang Hot Springs Resort Area, Lanyang Town, Danzhou City 
Chinese Name:儋州海垦蓝洋温泉高尔夫球会 (18洞)
Chinese Address:海南省儋州市蓝洋温泉度假区