Climbing smooth poles, jumping and running racing of Tatar Ethnic Group

The people of the Tatar nationality are clever, intelligent, bold, unconstrained and optimistic. They are very proficient in all kinds of interesting entertainment and competing sports activities to enliven and enrich their own life. The entertainment activities that are universally liked by people include music, songs, dance and small-scale dramas, etc; the competing sports activities include wrestling, horse racing, climbing smooth poles and jumping and running racing, etc. Among the competing sports activities, the climbing smooth poles and jumping and running racing have most national characteristics, and the wide people mostly love them. 

The climbing of smooth poles is a kind of game with strong entertainment color. The method is to erect several pieces of wood poles in the same height on the arena, each pole is painted with diluted soap to make it very lubricating. The contestants respectively stand under each pole, when the judge gives the starting order, they vie with each other to climb up the pole at once, and the contestant who firstly reaches the top of the pole is the winner. The participators of this item are mostly young men, and they respectively strive to climb up amidst the cheering voices of their respective rooters and the loud cheers of the spectators. Because the poles are too smooth, it is very difficult for them to climb up, some contestants even fall down by carelessness and raise the laughters of the people. 

Jumping and running racing is a kind of game item collecting energy, cleverness and willpower. The contestants each hold a soupspoon in the mouth, and place an egg in the soupspoon, and stand at the starting line together. When the judge gives the starting order, the contestants quickly run forward with the soupspoon in their mouth. With the standard that the egg does not fall to the ground, the contestant who reaches the terminal point firstly is the winner. The whole arena is full the warm, tense, exciting and cheerful atmosphere. This game is simple and easy to go on, the men and women, old and young all can participate it, so it is deeply loved by people. 

The competing games of climbing smooth poles and jumping and running racing are generally held together with the songs, dances, horse racing, wrestling and other activities on the festivals of jubilation.