Caofeidian Wetlands International Golf Club

Caofeidian Wetlands International Golf Club(曹妃甸湿地国际高尔夫俱乐部) is located in Caofeidian District(曹妃甸区),Binhe(滨河),Binhai(滨海),BinWetlands(滨湿地),own the big league 18 caves LINKS style international tournament golf course. Entering the golf course, you seem to be in a green sea with green grass and reed waving, so beautiful just like a moving picture jumping into your eyes.

The course is seated on the Caofeidian Wetlands(曹妃甸湿地) whose area reaches 54 thousand hectare, which is located in the intersection of the river, the lake and the sea in Caofeidian of Tangshan(唐山). It is by reputipation for” the classical Chinese ink painting and the source of poems and pictures”.

Caofeidian wetlands own morethan 1200 wild animals, 307 are birds,like black Swans, grus japonensis, white storks, there are 42 kinds of the second-classic proteced animals like swans ,falcons,vultures, etc. it can be said to be the heaven of migrant birds.

In 2009, Caofeidian wetlands was awarded as National 4A level scenic spot, inside the wetlands negative oxygen ion is the 70 times as normal, the temperature is 3-5 degree lower than that in downtown, perennial sea wind blows softly, it is indeed tourist attraction for collecting folk songs in spring, avoiding summer heat in summer, enjoying scenic in autumn.

The club adjoin Tangcao highway, is 70km away from Caofeidian Shenshui Grand Port(曹妃甸深水大港), 110km away from Tianjin, 220 km from Beijing, all is in high speed. You can get there during two hours. Traffic is unblocked.

Chinese Name:曹妃甸湿地国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北省唐山市曹妃甸渤海大道11号