“Biqieni” and “Subo soup” of Russian Ethnic Group

The Russian nationality calls cakes as “Biqieni”, which is one of the local foods that Russian women are most proficient in. The Russian nationality has such a sentence of folk rhyme: “Tomorrow is Sunday, we will make new ‘biqieni'”, which reacts that Russian families often make cakes. The cake “biqieni” is used to entertain guests, besides, it is also a kind of indispensable food on their dining tables every day.  

The design and color of cakes made in Russian families are in great variety, they make all kinds of biscuits, such as cream biscuits and sandwich biscuits, etc; they also make all types of cakes, such as cream cakes, jam sandwich cakes, round tower-shape cakes, etc; and they also make all kinds of bread, such as small bread, bread ring, stuffed bread, bread as staple food and with no stuffing, and dried bread, and so on. The making methods of each kind of cake are very particular, they are different in size, the shapes are in square or round, and the tastes are sweet or salty. When festivals come, they will specially make a kind of huge multi-layer tower-shape cake, and place it in the middle of the dining table, all kinds of figures and patterns are made on the cake with different colors of cream. The cake can be rated as an exquisite art works, not only pleasing to both the eyes and the mind, but also let people luck out in the food department.

“Subo” is the name of a kind of traditional local soup dish of Russian nationality. The local people of Han nationality also like eating it, and call it as “subo soup”. Its cooking method is: firstly cut the clean beef or mutton into pieces, boil them with cold water and clean the blood trace. When it is nearly ripe, firstly add small quantity of onion to flavor, after several seconds, add prepared and cut carrot, potato, cabbage, tomato, salt and the dried leaf of bay tree, when the beef or mutton is boiled soft enough, it can be eaten. “Subo soup” tastes delicious and is extremely abundant with nutrition. Not only Russian peoples but also all the adjacent brother nationalities all like eating it.