Beijing Honghua International Golf Club

Beijing Honghua International Golf Club(北京鸿华国际高尔夫俱乐部) boasts having an ideal location with it being in the Asian Games Village on the Beiyuan Road in the Chaoyang District, 1.5km away from Crown Plaze Park View Wuzhou Beijing in the south and just 1km away from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Village in the east. With a total area of 135 hectares, the Club consists of an 18-hole PGA standard course, a clubhouse, a driving range and housing estates. The construction started in July 20, 2001 and the Club officially opened in April 2004.

Beijing Honghua International Golf Club is designed by 6-time grand slam champion Nick Faldo. Both the design and the construction are at PGA standard. Faldo has designed 3 courses in southern China before and Honghua is his first one in Northern China, and is his only signature course. Since the land of Beijing is very flat, Honghua brought in more than 2.5 million m³ of earth to create the necessary shaping. Players have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the features on display and the challenge of playing on a world class golf course.

Besides the typical Faldo-style green layouts, Honghua is recognizable for its classic square tees and snow white bunker sand. The uniqueness of Honghua comes from its greens. All greens are shaped in three levels with large floating aprons. It’s also worth noting that on the 15th hole in Honghua, Faldo has signed his name on the flag.

Honghua uses the brand Rainbird for its irrigation, arguably the most advanced golf irrigation system in the world. Based on the Rainbird 900E, the central control computer system controls each sprinkler in order to provide the best irrigation solution according to the weather and shape of the land. With more than 1400 sprinklers installed in 18 holes, Honghua has wall-to-wall irrigation coverage, another key element in becoming one of the world’s top golf clubs. There are very few golf clubs in China who can meet this required standard.

Turf is the heart of any golf course. To meet the PGA green speed requirement, Honghua pays great attention to turf maintenance by combining the knowledge of top foreign experts, comments of local experts and the weather conditions in Beijing. For turf machines, Honghua chooses the brand of TORO, the best turf machine in the world. Honghua has aims of becoming the best golf club in China.

Beijing Honghua International Golf Club is located in the Asian Games and Olympic Games district, the most prosperous residential circle in the north of Beijing. The population in the area tends to be the high-end social class. Positioned by a private senior’s club, Honghua enjoys the advantage of being able to welcome in the seniors, helping to create a wholesome community in northern Beijing.

Honghua often hosts the Volvo China Open, a stage in the PGA European Tour and the No.1 golf event in China. Some of the golf world’s best known names gather to play out a regularly fantastic tournament, only backing up the claims that soon, China will be a golfing force to be reckoned with.

Chinese Name:北京鸿华国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:北京市朝阳区亚运村北苑路