Beautiful dress of Uzbek Ethnic Group

The Uzbek dress is distinguished and beautiful. Uzbek men wear white shirt embroidered on the collar and cuff, and a robe called “Tongni”is on either. There are 2 types robe; one robe are buttonless and embroidered on the collar margin and cuff; the other robe is with oblique collars and the right side of the front on top of the other, which is buttonless either and similar to “qiapan”of Uygur. Triangle and embroidered waistbands are made of silk or cloth. Uzbek men usually wear trousers, leather boots and overshoes with low-cut uppers. Wearing various colored small caps, men look smart, energetic and distinguished.

Uzbek women are experts to adorn themselves. Quinake, a broad pleated dress which is worn without a girdle, is most common among the women. Colored embroidery laces and decorating pearl are also added to collars, front openings and scuffs of their shirts. These ornaments make a fine display of the Uzbek women’s excellent embroidery skills. Sometimes, outside quinake are colorful sleeveless shirts to increase women’s beauty and elegance. Other embroidered shirts and western dress also are worn with various skirts, which are fit well.  

Headgears of Uzbek women are characteristic extremely. Like men, they also wear “duopi”, caps with bright colored embroidery in unique patterns. But they usually wear scarves over them, adorned with glistening ornaments such as earring, necklace, jade hairpin and so on; women will be natural, graceful and catching.