Weifang Bailang Lvzhou Golf Club

Weifang Bailang Lvzhou Golf Club(潍坊市白浪绿洲高尔夫球场) is designed by JFO DESIGN, a professional golf course design company in the United States. The course is designed according to the local style, and the landscape is coordinated with the surrounding landscape. With high and smooth fairway lines, the white sand bunk is bright and the green is undulating and subtle. On the basis of the integration of man and nature, the design skills are fully added, and the course is designed with strategic and tactical features. This course requires fans to think about how to use different methods to conquer each hole, but occasionally give the player a relatively simple hole, give him a sudden slack, and fully cultivate the individual’s willpower and fighting spirit. The course is a challenging, fun and enjoyable course.

Chinese Name:山东潍坊白浪绿洲高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese ADD:山东潍坊市水库路6188号
Tel:0536 8185555
Translaterd By Veronica Shen